Rants from Lance on Gay Marriage and Rights Issues

Published September 18, 2022 tag category
Rants from Lance on Gay Marriage and Rights Issues
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Masai As well as White Women: British Housewife Who Deserted Her Household For A Penniless Masai Warrior

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Rants from Lance on Gay Marital Relationship and Rights Issues

Let me start by stating that I have some gay associates and also these folks seem to be fine and also not part of the gay fringe I mention in this rant. Okay right here it goes...

I am totally pissed off; on one hand gays want the right to be accepted, valued as well as appreciate their god provided Civil liberty to get married. Then they self segregate away from the rest of us. Then they call us names. Homophobic, taunt the ever living crap out of people, obstacle people to fights, but god aid you if knock one on their ass for staring at yours as well as making sex-related comments in line at a Starbucks. This behavior is utter Bull Sh_t.